Recovery & Residential

Life Enhancement Activity Program (LEAP) is a community-based program which uses the role recovery principles of psychosocial rehabilitation. It is designed to help people with mental illnesses optimize their personal, social and vocational competency in order to live successfully in the community. Daily activities are determined by the individual’s needs, desires, goals and personal preferences. A combination of psychosocial rehabilitation and work-readied days help those served to reach their living, learning and working goals.

Outpatient Counseling provides individualized therapy services and group counseling that is geared to meet each person’s needs, under the supervision of a licensed therapist. It is open to consumers and community residents who have Medicaid or wish to self-pay.

Psychiatric Care includes evaluation, medication management, psychopharmacology and individual therapy.

Specialized Group Homes provide housing for individuals who need a low stress, supportive, supervised environment for their rehabilitation. Residents are helped to develop or enhance their daily living skills while developing friendships and social interests. Group facilities are also capable of providing integrated mental health and substance abuse services.